Stephanie Interviews miraculous women who have dug themselves out of devastation and have grown into powerful, successful and most importantly very giving people.

There is a focus on mental health, self love, compassion, drive, vision and hope.

Listen in to get the motivation you need to get yourself out of your current situation (or help someone else to do so) and reach for the stars.

With a great plan, , hard work, perseverance and belief, we can all experience our ultimate potential!

Episode #001-My Story

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EPISODE #002-Moderation Mindset with Camilla Dempster

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In episode Number 2 Cam and I discuss everything from abuse in relationships, PCOS, taking leaps of faith eating disorders and how to balance our three brains (Head, Heart and Gut) to make the best possible decisions for ourselves! There are a few swears, so listeners discretion is advised.

Cam teaches women how to grow their own self-respect, live a #moderation247 life and trust themselves again after many moons of diets.

She’s here to take women from a place of restriction and self sabotage to power, confidence and happiness in body, soul and mind.  To give women, just like you, the invitation to define exactly what you want from your health, fitness and lifestyle. Then the ability to choose how you’re going to get there.  She firmly believes that everyone should feel ‘enough’ and empower women to build beautifully functioning bodies.

What you’ll find with Cam is a somewhat messy yet dreamy concoction of multiple facets of what she does and has a deep rooted passion for.  And that’s going to be stuff to do with fitness, nutrition, mindset, pain management, lifestyle tweaks and a rad-ass-tribe of women all looking for the same thing.  Radical self-respect She’s found at http://www.nlperform.com and @camilladempster on instagram

If the life coaching that Camilla describes is what you need, you can reach her below:



The Above is the link for Camilla’s 14 day check in online challenge to teach women to ditch the binge/restrict/guilt cycle.  I give inner mindset skills and out physical moderation skills.

EPISODE #003-Survive Or Thrive-It’s your Choice, with Tanya West

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Episode #005-What is Venus Warriors? With Liz De Lima

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Episode #006-Joy is your Only Job-With Jessica Santonato

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