Moderation Mindset-With Camilla Dempster

I hope you were able to download my first podcast last week. If you missed it, you can check it out here Every Wednesday I will be interviewing a new guest who will help you Experience your Potential. If you have someone in mind (maybe you have a great story to share?)  that you think … Continue reading Moderation Mindset-With Camilla Dempster

Bringing Back the “Pupcake”

These AMAZING muffins/cupcakes are kinda special to me, because they were the FIRST baking exprience my daughter Haley and I had together, and she couldn't wait to try the "pupcakes" she made. The best part, they are healthy and she thought they were DELICIOUS, moist, and decadent. I don't feel the least bit guilty making … Continue reading Bringing Back the “Pupcake”

The Follow Thru Can be Scary

Have you ever had a plan in your mind, like something big, time consuming and REWARDING, that just keeps getting put on the back burner. It keeps getting put off over and over cause it's not integral to your everyday tasks that NEED to be getting done, even though it's important to you and you … Continue reading The Follow Thru Can be Scary

Get in on the slimdown!

  Have you been making excuses for long enough? Is it always, "I'll start after this next party, or family get together?" Are you struggling with sugar cravings?  Do you Feel Bloated? Are you unmotivated to get moving? Are you wanting to make changes but need a kick in the ass, support and a plan … Continue reading Get in on the slimdown!

6 Tips to stay motivated to work out

1. Remember why you started: When you FIRST decided to start workout out, what was the reason? Was it to lose fat? was it to decrease your Cholesterol levels? Was it to prepare to rock a bikini on an upcoming vacation? Was it to better keep up with your busy family? Was it because of … Continue reading 6 Tips to stay motivated to work out