I have a few more spots!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the space for new clients, but I’ve finally dug out some extra time in my schedule to work with more of YOU!
I have THREE more spots for online training, starting in October and I can’t wait to help a few more women realize you don’t have to give up EVERYTHING for the body you want!
Do you LOVE working out, staying active, pretty much everyday, but get frustrated because NOTHING changes with your physique…..well, you more than likely need a few tweaks in the kitchen, because you know,

“you can NEVER out train a bad diet right”?

But does that scare the crap out of you because you feel like you have to be that person that says NO to every treat and every outing that may include alcohol. That you have to skip the birthday desserts and holiday foods? That you will have to treat a potential missed workout as a life and death situation, and live out of tupperware?

That was me for a long time, and YES, I got amazing results.
However, I sure had to trade in everyday foods that made me happy.
I had approx 1-5 drinks/year for as long as I could remember
I traded 30-40 % of my daily energy for restriction
I traded space in my head to dream with the stresses I was putting on myself physically.
Surprisingly enough, I traded self confidence for uncertainty and the captivity of comparison even though I looked the BEST I had ever looked.
TRUST ME, there’s NOTHING WORSE, than achieving EVERYTHING you dreamed esthetically, and finding you are the most unhappy you’ve ever been.
It was when I let go of the social ideals, and realized, that no one else really cares what I look like, when I started to chase HEALTH, HAPPINESS and CONFIDENCE, and guess what…everything just started to fall into place.
So is this online training? Well yes, sort of, lol
You will get a fitness plan geared to whatever your goals are physically, but what is most important, is I will listen to you!
I will hear what you want in life!
Foods you enjoy, trips you want to take, how often you can realistically spend in the gym, how you feel, what you love to do in your free time, where you struggle, where you excel, and I will make a plan for YOU!
Will things have to change? YES, absolutely
If you’re investing in someone to help you reach a goal, it’s because what you are doing now, is not working for you..and I’m not a miracle worker…
If what you are doing right now isn’t working, there’s a reason for that, and what you are doing right now will never work for you, but TRUST me, there’s a work around for you, and I’m going to help you find it by setting realistic goals and making a custom plan that we will work thru and adjust together.

Who this is NOT for

Anyone who wants to be SHREDDED at any cost, (mainly at the cost of your physical health, mental health and relationships)

Who this IS for

Someone who needs help finding a way to enjoy the social thins in like and still move steadily toward a goal
Someone who needs help finding their confidence
Someone who’s HEALTH is important to them, as well as a bangin bod
Someone who is willing to make changes in their beliefs and willing to make mindset changes
Someone who is willing to let go of what “THEY THINK” is a social ideal
Someone who actually believes

“a minute on your lips, a lifetime on your hips”

(we NEED to change this thought process)

Here is an example of a client who has done EXACTLY this:

She told me exactly what her goals were,
what she was willing to commit,
and what she wasn’t willing to give up.
She made a lot of changes to her lifestyle, followed the plan and achieved these amazing results! I am so incredibly proud of clients like these who learn that they CAN have it all, and the best part is the friendship we build along the way, I love my job 🙂
Congrats woman, you look amazing!

An Example of How I live:

This past week…
I had TWO workouts (would obviously have loved more, but I’m not stressing about it, life happens)
I worked 60 hours
I went to an event with friends comprising of a 4 course dinner and a bottle of wine each and very LITTLE sleep the next day was date night (relationship nurturing, the most important part of life) of Mexican food, shared appetizer, main course, and three glasses of wine,
I continued co-parenting (those of you who know about co-parenting know how stressful this can be) an AMAZING 6 year old
I made ample residual income, making future dreams more of a reality
I made social connections and made time to support new friends and their opportunities
AND I feel great, I maintained my weight, I feel fulfilled, I look good, I feel confident, I feel like I’ve contributed to society and the lives of others, I can finally cope with stress, and I adjusted A LOT of other stuff to make this all work…

I want to teach YOU how to do it to.
If you would like to chat more about filling up one of these three spots, I want to hear from you! Email Me HERE


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